Nualgi Ponds - Safely Controls Algae & Promotes Fish Health (60ml)

Nualgi Ponds has been developed specifically to starve nuisance algae, reduce foul odors, and increase oxygen levels in your pond. Nualgi promotes greater fish and plant health while keeping the water crystal clear. Enjoy your new habitat and show off your pond as your fish become more active and your plants gain more color. WHAT IS NUALGI? Based on Over 15 Years of Research, Nualgi is the fourth generation of a patented nano-silica-based micro-nutrient supplement for all types of ponds, lakes & water gardens. Based on 9 years of lab research and 8 years of field research for applications in commercial and municipal water management. The Nualgi formula specifically helps pond owners improve water quality and manage algae on a much smaller scale. HOW DOES IT WORK? Within 3 – 5 hours of applying Nualgi Ponds, a bloom of Diatom algae (the good kind!) will develop. The diatom algae bloom out-competes nuisance algae for CO2, N, P and other nutrients, causing the bad algae to die off. It then locks away some of the harmful nutrients in the new bio mass that is consumed as live food for your fish and zooplankton. By kick-starting this natural process, the diatom algae out-compete the nuisance algae for nutrients, thus starving and eventually eliminating the bad algae from your tank!

Product Features

  • Eliminate Nuisance Algae & Get Crystal Clear Water – Without an Algaecide!

  • Safe for Fish, Plants & All Types of Ponds & Water Gardens.

  • Safely improves water quality and balances the nitrogen cycle in your pond to reduce algae, maintenance and bad odors,.

  • Improves Fish Health, Color & Activity.

  • Improves Aquatic Plant Growth & Coloration.

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Nualgi Ponds - Safely Controls Algae & Promotes Fish Health (60ml)

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