Opportunist anteater tries to steal food from ducks, regrets it

*Pink panther theme tune plays* (Picture: Youtube / Muny Rakko)

Crime doesn’t pay, anteater. Did you learn your lesson?

Guess what you think will happen when this opportunist anteater spots some food in the duck pond. Does he:

a) Get clean away with all the cabbage leaves he can fit into that tapered mouth

b) Set aside his differences with the ducks and sit down for a tea party with all the pond residents where everybody shares

or c) Stretch out as far as he can towards the food box, somehow reach it, then panic and realise he can’t get back before tumbling ignominiously into the water?

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Anteater tries to steal food from ducks, regrets it

Yoga anteater (Picture:  Youtube / Muny Rakko)

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The hilarious video shows the moment the animal realises he has overstretched his capabilities.

It all goes wrong… Oh no! Although he tries to save the situation, there’s nothing for it but to accept the inevitable soaking.

Anteater tries to steal food from ducks, regrets it

Slinking away (Picture: Youtube / Muny Rakko)

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Rather less cocky than when he first arrives, the anteater slumps off with his wet fur slicked down to his back.

The abortive burglary took place at Sunshine Aquarium in Tokyo. Footage was first uploaded in 2014 but it has gone viral today.