36gl Rectangle coffee table aquarium, completely fish ready with hidden filter and LED lights

This sale is for an Auqa Vim 36 gallon rectangular coffee table aquarium, with pumps, lights, and filter system all built inside the aquarium. Aqua Vim is known for manufacturing the best glass aquarium. Because it’s made of glass, not acrylic, you don’t worry much about scratch every time you clean your tank; Because its equipment are all hidden, you will see no ugly filter box in the tank to restrict your viewing pleasure. Unlike others, the lights are concealed so your eyes are not shined at directly. This table aquarium put you in a truly sit-back-and-relax mode after a long day from your work. Built-in ecological filtration system lets you enjoy your aquatic animals virtually care-free year long. Extra sockets inside columns enable you to plug in your heater, air pump or other accessories without being noticed. Additional shorter under-glass-top legs are included in case you want to lower the glass top to have smaller gap between the glass top and tank top edges, thus to prevent your cat or child from reaching into the water. 2 half white half actinic blue LED lights hidden below each side of the tank top not only give your aquatic lives sufficient lighting but also aesthetical enjoyment. It is even equipped with rollers for you to move the table around easily. The entire set comes ready for fish. All you need is to put in water and fish, and plug into your electric outlet of your home. Dimension 40″L x 20″W x 21″H. The set is brand new, and has never been used and is still in crate. You can come pickup, or we can help ship to you. Shipping to most cities in mainland USA is only $195. For accurate shipping rate quote, please provide your zip code. We have 3 colors available: black, walnut, and white maple. If you are a NY individual, please order from an Aqua Vim dealer near you.

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36gl Rectangle coffee table aquarium, completely fish ready with hidden filter and LED lights

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