Aquascape 98870 Cold Water Fish Food Pellets, 500gm

Aquascape Premium Cold Water Fish Food Pellets have been scientifically formulated to provide premium nutrition to all pond fish including goldfish and koi at colder water temperatures. The inclusion of Spirulina and Wheat Germ helps make the food easier to digest at colder temperatures. Bacillus Subtilize natto helps aid in digestion and helps pond fish assimilate essential micronutrients. Floating pellet ideal for all pond fish. Keeps pond water clean and clear. Will not break apart and cloud water. Contains high quality protein. Will promote brilliant colors on all pond fish. Can be fed at lower water temperatures.

Product Features

  • Can be used at temperatures as low as 50 degrees F/10 degrees C

  • Includes stabilized multivitamin

  • Contains high quality protein

  • Convenient resealable bag

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Aquascape 98870 Cold Water Fish Food Pellets, 500gm

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